Sunday, 6 January 2019

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Saint André Bessette

The 6th of January is the feast day of Saint André Bessette C.S.C. (9 August 1845 – 6 January 1937). He is also known as Brother André or Saint André of Montreal and was born as Alfred Bessette.

Saint André Bessette was the eighth child of twelve children in a poor working class family of Quebec, Canada. He was a weak and sickly child and his father died when he was only nine years old due to a lumber accident. When he was twelve years old, his mother died of tuberculosis. He worked in various jobs and entered the Congregation of the Holy Cross when he was 25 years old as a lay brother. For most of his life, he served as a porter in Quebec’s Notre Dame College. He welcomed and prayed for people he had met, especially if they were ill or suffering. An epidemic of sickness occurred and André used his gift of healing which he credited to Saint Joseph, whom he was devoted to. He became popular for his sanctity and tens of thousands of people came to see him for healing and prayer. He answered their letters and receive people in person all day. His Order wanted to purchase a piece of land on Mount Royal, and Bessette buried Saint Joseph medals in the property. The owners then sold the land to the Order and André organised a chapel to be dedicated to Saint Joseph on it. He died at the age of 91 and a million people visited his coffin.

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Our Lady of Medjugorje

January 2, 2019 Message to Mirjana

Dear children, sadly, among you, my children, there is so much battle, hatred, personal interests and selfishness. My children, so easily you forget my Son, His words, His love. Faith is being extinguished in many souls, and hearts are being grasped by material things of the world. But my motherly heart knows that there are still those who believe and love, who are seeking how to draw all the closer to my Son, who are tirelessly seeking my Son - then, in this way, they are also seeking me. These are the humble and the meek with their pain and suffering which they carry in silence with their hopes and, above all, with their faith. These are the apostles of my love. My children, apostles of my love, I am teaching you that my Son is not only asking for continuous prayers, but also for works and feelings - that you believe, that you pray, that with your personal prayers you grow in faith, that you grow in love. To love each other is what He asks for - that is the way to eternal life. My children, do not forget that my Son brought the light to this world, and He brought it to those who wanted to see it and receive it. You be those, because this is the light of truth, peace and love. I am leading you in a motherly way to adore my Son; that you love my Son with me; that your thoughts, words and actions may be directed to My Son - that they may be in His name. Then my heart will be fulfilled. Thank you.



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