Tuesday, 16 May 2017

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Saint Simon Stock

Pietro NovelliOur Lady of Mount Carmel and Carmelite Saints (Simon Stock (standing), Angelus of Jerusalem (kneeling), Mary Magdalene de'PazziTeresa of Avila), 1641 (Museo Diocesano, Palermo.).

The 16th of May is the feast day of Saint Simon Stock. He is the patron saint of Bordeaux, France.

Saint Simon Stock lived between 1165 to 1265. He was born in Kent, England and he was drawn to God as a child. He lived as a hermit at the age of 12 living in the hollow of an oak tree. He spent his life this way for 2 decades, after which, he entered the world again in order to study theology and become a priest. When his studies finished, he went back to his hermitage. Our Lady appeared to him and instructed him to join the Carmelite Order that was just entering England at this time. In 1212 St Simon became a Carmelite. In 1215 he became the Order's leader and helped to establish it across Europe, especially in universities. He revised the Carmelite Rule to make them mendicant friars instead of hermits. According to tradition, Our Lady appeared to him again and showed him a brown scapular, the habit of the order, promising that those who wear it will not be lost in Hell. This apparition is known as Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the promise as the scapular promise, that is, that she will intercede with her Son to ensure that the wearer of the scapular obtains the grace of final perseverance and die in the state of grace. The Brown Scapular devotion spread to the laity and was encouraged by many Popes.

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Our Lady of Medjugorje

August 02, 2018 Message to Mirjana

Dear children, with a motherly love I am calling you to open hearts to peace; to open hearts to my Son, so that in your hearts love for my Son may sing, because only out of that love peace comes in the soul. My children, I know that you have goodness, I know that you have love - a merciful love, but many of my children still have a closed heart. They think that they can do it without directing their thoughts towards the Heavenly Father who illuminates-towards my Son who is always with you anew in the Eucharist and who desires to listen to you. My children, why do you not speak to Him? The life of each of you is important and precious, because it is a gift from the Heavenly Father for eternity. Therefore, do not ever forget to keep on thanking Him: speak to Him. I know, my children, that what is to come afterwards is unknown to you, but when your hereafter comes you will receive all the answers. My motherly love desires that you be ready. My children, by your life keep putting good feelings in the hearts of the people whom you meet, feelings of peace, goodness, love and forgiveness. Through prayer, hearken to what My Son is saying and act accordingly. Anew, I am calling you to prayer for your shepherds, for those whom my Son has called. Remember that they need prayers and love. Thank you.